Here is another old turn of the century home that we completely
remodeled in vintage style.  The highlight of this home is the new
Victorian master bath.
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Another fixer-upper that we acquired where the yard was like a jungle. We cut
many trees and weeds, scraped it in our usual fashion, seeded, built a new
fence and added a 2-car carport for off-street parking.
The house had lots of its original
elements and charm, such as
the woodwork and leaded glass
cabinets. We added some
picture rail, textured wallpapers,
and vintage light fixtures.
Here's the main floor half bath that was last remodeled in about 1969. We used some
salvaged vintage fixtures and some antique oak and made this bath look original.
Here's the kitchen, also outdated and far from its original character. We gutted it, built new
cabinets out of antique wood and glass doors, found an antique gas stove that was restored,
applied textured wallpaper to the ceiling and sprayed it with metallic copper paint to simulate the
original tin ceiling, and tiled the floor and counters with reproduction tile.
New we're getting to the good stuff. This is the 2nd floor bath, the only full bath in the house. We thought it could look better.
We built a vanity out of antique oak and a marble top, and lots of period style wainscoting and tile.
Here is the smallest 2nd floor bedroom. We removed the closet and made it into the shower adjoining a bathtub
deck, divided by a beautiful antique leaded glass panel. Of course it needed a Victorian style whirlpool tub and
telephone handshower faucet. That's a sun porch over the back porch on the right.
While stripping this room, we discovered a border
of original wallpaper, intact and undamaged from
the removal of the other layers. So we kept it,
trimmed it out, and when we sprayed polyurethane
on it to protect it from moisture, the colors instantly
reappeared. Very cool!
Here is that sun porch that is now a
nursery or cozy sitting room
I like to install textured wallpaper on the ceilings
in many of our renovations, then paint them with
metallic brass or copper, that most people
believe is the original tin ceiling.
We found 4 matching light fixtures in an antique store, painted
pink. We stripped them, polished them, rewired them and
now all the rooms have matching vintage fixtures. We also
painted or refinished the woodwork and the floors and added
ceiling medallions for the period flavor.
Not to brag, (well maybe a little) but when we finished this house
and were conducting the open house, one couple entered this
bathroom expecting to see another bedroom, and nearly fainted.
She exclaimed "this bathroom is so beautiful I just can't look at it."
That actually happened!
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