Here is an 1896 Victorian home in Capitol Hill that we renovated and
restored to its period vintage character.

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This is my favorite house that I ever worked on, built in 1896. I rented out my house and
moved in and lived here for 4 years while I renovated every inch of this property,
becoming only its 5th owner in its history. I lived on the main 2 floors, renovated the 3rd
floor former servants quarters and rented it out, then renovated the never-occupied
basement into a big 2-BR apartment and rented it out, then renovated my favorite project
of all time, the carriage house studio loft above the now garage and rented that out as well.
Living Room
Basement Apt Bath
Master Bedroom
Basement Apt Kitchen
Basement Apt BR
Basement Apt BR
I knocked the walls out and built a
dresser and used an old waterbed
frame to build a queen size bed on
wheels that rolls into the wall like a
drawer when not in use. The closet,
desk and pull-out cabinets all use
the former wall space to maximize
the area.
This is the studio over the carriage house. I opened up the knee-walls, then built
everything into the dead space: pull-out cabinets, appliances, dressers, desk, closets,
even a queen size bed on wheels that rolls into the wall like a drawer! I even built a full size
bath with whirlpool tub into the window alcove. This studio rented for $600/mo instantly
and that was in the 90s!
Basement Apt Family Room
Carriage House Studio
This alcove with windows overlooking the driveway and back
yard has now become a full bath with full size whirlpool tub.
There are only about 350 square feet in this studio, but it actually features a full bath, full kitchen
with all appliances, lots of closet space, desk, dresser, and a queen size bed and still enough
room to move around comfortably!  This space always rented instantly and was highly popular!
This carriage house studio was my most enjoyable project of all time, as
it required lots of ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking, to make use of
every inch of space, seen and unseen. I wanted my work to reflect and  
preserve the flavor of an era where beauty and craftsmanship meant
something, a standard that was much higher then than it is now.  Very
sad, considering literally everything back then was done by hand
compared to the incredible technology and power tools we have today.
When I see all the stunningly brilliant handiwork that was done without a
single power tool, I admire my "ancestor" carpenters and craftsmen who
did such amazing work over a century ago. Their standard of quality and
pride in their work is the standard I strive to attain in my work.
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