Here is a brick fireplace that was unfortunately painted white, masking its character.
First we painted all the mortar gray, the color of actual mortar
Next, we painted the brick facing black to fill in all the cracks and contours.
Then we began to experiment with various colors characteristic of natural bricks
Then we applied about 5 different shades and colors with a rag or sponge, so that the paint did not
fill in the cracks and contours, allowing the black paint to authenticate the appearance of brick
Now as visitors enter the room, no one ever suspects this is anything but natural brick and mortar!
Here are two garages and a basement workshop that we coated with an epoxy-coat floor finish
Back in the day I even did automotive painting and minor body work. Here is my
last auto paint job, an old truck I did for a friend, then I promptly retired from auto
painting after this. Too much work and not enough money!  Nice job to go out on
though, you could read a newspaper in the reflection of the finish.
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Here is a bathroom and a kitchen that I applied a textured pattern wallpaper to, then primed it,
then spray-painted it with metallic copper paint. It makes for a stunning finish, particularly in older
homes that everyone thinks is the original ceiling! Who am I to argue?
We are generally not a fan of painting brick, as it is designed to
be maintenance-free, but some older homes just don't look that
great with dirt, stains, mis-matched brick & mortar repairs over
the years, so there's not much else one can do to make it look
great again, so in many cases paint saves it.
Here is a 30s Tudor house that hadn't been maintained but still had a lot of character and potential. The brown paint
was drab and dull, and the white stucco was not only cliche, it was an eyesore amidst the rich red brick,bronze
windows and charcoal roof. The front window had an awesome original hand-carved motif that was almost unnoticed
from more than a few feet away, and the board-and-batten style shutters looked hideously outdated. So we
custom-built new tudor-style shutters that matched the half-timbering above and painted everything with a pallette
that complimented the brick and trim colors.
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Here is a crossfit gym where we striped their colors
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