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If you have an old outdated space, with just a little bit of tile, a couple
rolls of wallpaper, some wainscoting, chairrail, picture molding, and
some oak trim, you can significantly improve the appearance of any
room and make it look like you spent $5,000 in the process! If you
want to sell a property, imagine the appeal of the 'after' pictures to
buyers compared to the drab 'before' pictures. These are prime
examples why our properties sell immediately and for top dollar.
This was more of a DE-construction. This house was built in the late 70s, so the
decor was hideous throughout. For some unknown reason, someone thought it
would be a good idea to take this brand new home (the dated paperwork was still
attached to the never-used fireplace enclosure), cover up this beautiful brand new
wall of moss rock, not to mention a new fireplace, and cover the entire wall with
mirrors. We freed the beautiful rock from its dark coffin, trimmed the mantel in oak,
installed a gas fireplace, built a granite-tiled hearth, and trimmed the room with nice
richly stained oak, increasing its usefulness and value. The downside is now you
have to go to a bathroom to see your reflection, but we felt this was a tradeoff we
could live with!
These two old and unused rooms were just wasted space over a thrift store.
We suggested that they look like a massage therapy studio, so we built one,
then the owner hired a massage therapist and brought in almost enough
money to pay the rent on the entire building  Now that's making use of
wasted space!
Just a couple gallons of epoxy fleck-tone paint can transform a dingy
mechanical room or garage from an eyesore into a beautiful workspace
No one says that even a small 1-bedroom condo
can't look upscale and classy. All it takes is a little
tile, chairrail, picture molding and wallpaper.
This junky old back room off the kitchen in an old house was just used to store junk.
Now its a beautiful and functional butler pantry
Here are 3 old pre-1900 homes that even though they still had many original features such as hardwood floors, doors, beveled
glass, and woodwork, over the years they lost their charm. Some paneling, ceiling medallions, refinished antique lights, textured
Lincrusta and Anaglypta wallpapers and borders, some trim molding and vintage paint colors brought back their character and
charm and without any major renovations or alterations.
It's amazing the difference a little hardwood, wood molding, wallpaper, paint
and new light fixtures can do to completely transform a room
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Here are some examples of taking ugly, outdated rooms, and without changing any structures,
just some trim, moldings, wallpaper, wainscoting, tile and paint will completely transform them into
beautiful and enjoyable spaces
This was a house where we did extensive renovations prior to listing it for sale. It was outdated with lots of clutter.
We cleaned, organized, finished the unfinished garage, installed some cabinets, and painted the floors in the
basement and garage with epoxy fleck-coat. It showed beautifully and we had 3 offers the first day on the market!
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