Here are some pictures of projects that took useless or
impractical spaces and made them useful and beautiful. Click
on pictures to enlarge them
This is probably the coolest project we
ever did. This is the loft space above
the carriage house of an 1896 Victorian
home in Capitol Hill.  We knocked out
the walls and built everything into the
wall spaces: a kitchen with all
appliances, dressers, cabinets, desk,
full size whirlpool bathtub and even a
queen size bed that pulls in and out like
a drawer.
This is a townhouse in Aurora that had a loft study and an adjoining room
containing the furnace and water heater. Because of the slope of the roof,
the rest of the room was designed only for storage. However, with a little
vision and thinking "outside the bed," we created a cozy kids room or
guest bed including dresser, cabinets and a full size bed that rolls into the
These next 3 sets of pictures is another home in Capitol Hill that had an almost
useless 3rd floor that was probably originally servants quarters, accessed by
butler's stairs. We knocked out the walls and used all that dead space for closets,
the dressers, pull-out cabinets and drawers, and even a full kitchen with all
appliances. We remodeled the bath and it became an income-generating rental
unit of over $900/month!
This is an old 1900 Craftsman house where we tore out the ceiling of the master bedroom on the 2nd floor and made
the entire attic a loft, accessed by an antique phone company ladder. We built cabinets and drawers into the dead
space around the bottom, installed 2 skylights for light, and it became a super cozy study or sitting room.
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