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I am Mike Pentel, originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. My dad was a sign painter so I started
messing around with paints and brushes (literally) since I was very young. I remember helping
him paint the house and learning the basics.  He also owned some fix-up property and I often
went with him to do maintenance and repairs. My first construction job was to demolish an
entire garage on one of his properties. I got paid $50 and thought I was making good money.
The financial learning curve begins!

I always loved working with my hands, building things, as well as taking things apart to see how
they worked. When I was in Boy Scouts, I learned many basics of home repairs such as
carpentry, wiring and plumbing and was fascinated by it all.  So of course I took every shop
class in junior high and high school: wood shop, metal shop, print shop, and most importantly
mechanical drawing and drafting. This taught me to think in 3 dimensions and how to transform
a concept on 2-dimensional paper into a 3-dimensional reality.

When I got old enough, my dad started letting me paint his properties unsupervised. Once I
figured out what masking tape and dropcloths were for, I started getting good at it! Soon, other
people knew I did painting and began hiring me. "You mean I can actually name my own price?"
Well I can get used to this self-employed thing!  So I bought some painting equipment, ran
some ads in the paper (remember newspapers?) and started painting houses to pay my way
through college at the University of Minnesota. I now officially had my very own painting
business. I called it Northstar Painting because Minnesota is "The North Star State." It was

Soon afterward I got hired onto various paint crews and construction companies doing
piecework on new homes and remodels.  I learned other skills from master craftsmen such as
staining and lacquer, drywall and finishing, texturing, and trim carpentry. I even learned how to
do body work and paint cars, and converted my mom's garage into a nicely outfitted paint booth
and painted many cars for a few years.

In 1978 I moved to Denver and immediately set up shop here doing residential painting. That
year my company was chosen as one of three hired to prep and paint the exteriors of a large
development of nice brand new homes. It was called Montbello. I painted many of those homes
when they were first built. I also got hired to do all the stainwork and interior painting for other
new developments.

As I worked on these homes, I of course worked side by side with contractors in all the other
trades: framers, drywall-hangers, trim carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tile-setters,
wallpaper-hangers, flooring guys, roofers and all the rest.  Often I would have them teach me
the basics and finer points of all these trades.  I even apprenticed with many of them so I could
learn to do all these things and be able to offer my customers a wider set of skills.

In 1980 I felt I was ready to do my first large-scale project using my newly acquired skill set
and tool addiction, so rather than try them out for the first time on someone's actual home, I
bought my first fixer-upper, for $60,000. Yes, those were the days! I did two of them that year,
complete remodels and I had a blast. It was very satisfying to look at a brand new kitchen and
a brand new tile bathroom and say "I did that!" Over the next several years I eventually got the
process down to a science and almost every one of my fix-and-flips broke the record for
highest sale in each of the neighborhoods because of the design and finish I would do.

So from that time on I became officially known as "Northstar Painting
and Remodeling."  Since
then I have done hundreds of painting and remodeling jobs, countless kitchens and bathrooms,
many basement finishes, commercial painting and wallpapering for offices, dormitories and
hotels, entire 25-building townhome complexes, a painting contract for a national clothing chain
where I painted 34 stores in 10 states, and a couple dozen complete fix-and-flips.  I also
specialized in Victorian restorations, one of which was selected to be one of 9 vintage homes
on the Capitol Hill Victorian home Christmas tour.

In the 90s I met a great contractor who did a lot of my subcontracting work. He then moved to
Mesquite, Nevada where the Real Estate market was booming at the time.  I bought a vacant
lot at auction, and he and I designed and built my first brand new spec home.  It was another
venture into new territory and we again broke the record for highest sale in that subdivision.  I
bought two more lots and a large 8-acre parcel that we subdivided on which to build 6 new
luxury estates.  Again, another venture into uncharted waters for me and a big learning process,
but still fun and more skills added to my resume.

In 2000 I realized that my body could not keep doing what it had been doing for all those years,
so I obtained my Real Estate license, thinking that I would become a white collar professional.  
But since I had a wealth of tools and loved working with my hands, I could never turn down a
great bargain or a fun remodel job. I made fix-and-flips my specialty since I had so much
knowledge and experience with it, and even printed my own pamphlet and conducted seminars
to assist others with them.  When the market crashed and slowed down, I went back to more of
the blue collar remodeling work, which is where I am today, yet am still an active Realtor.  Just
recently I not only did a remodel for a client wishing to sell his home, but handled the listing,
sold it during the open house on the first weekend on the market, for $10,000 more than asking
price with 3 backup offers!

5 years ago I met Larry Newland, who also did all aspects of remodeling,  and we have
been working together ever since.
We have built a tremendous crew of contractors and
subcontractors in every trade and are ready to take on any project you may have!

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